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Minicli OCI Runtimes

Minicli Runtimes are minimalist / distroless OCI images for running Minicli with PHP on cloud-native environments.

Images are built every night and published to Docker Hub via GitHub Actions.

Available Images

The following images are currently available. You can find more information and usage instructions on the README file that is included within each image folder in this repository.


Publish minicli/php81 Image

The php81 image is a distroless, Alpine-based image with several PHP extensions, including full GD support. It doesn't come with Composer or apk. Used to run Minicli apps on production.


Publish minicli/php81-dev Image

The php81-dev image is a development image that includes all packages from php81 and also apk-tools, Composer, and vim. Used to develop and debug Minicli apps. This image's default entry point is a shell.


Publish minicli/php81-curl Image

The php81-curl image is tailored for running API requests with Curl, ideal for bots and crawlers using minicli/curly. This image doesn't include GD.

Images Compared

The following table shows a quick overview of what's included with each image and how they differ.

php81 php81-curl php81-dev
Alpine base X X X
apk-tools X
curl X X X
git X X X
zip X X X
unzip X X X
libxml2-dev X X X
freetype-dev X X
libjpeg-turbo-dev X X
libpng-dev X X
php81 X X X
php81-gd X X
php81-curl X X X
php81-mbstring X X X
php81-phar X X X
php81-openssl X X X
php81-pcntl X X X
Composer X
Vim X