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Minicli is a minimalist, dependency-free framework for building CLI-centric PHP applications. It provides a structured way to organize your commands, as well as various helpers to facilitate working with command arguments, obtaining input from users, and printing colored output.

Minicli app example

Dependency-free: What Does it Mean

What does it mean to be dependency-free? It means that you can build a functional CLI PHP application without dozens of nested user-land dependencies. The basic minicli/minicli package has only testing dependencies (only installed when you clone Minicli for development), and a couple system requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.3
  • ext-readline for obtaining user input

Apart from that, you'll need Composer to install and use Minicli.

Getting Started

There are mainly two ways to get started: you can choose to create a project from scratch, or you can use our application repository template, which sets up a minimal structure with Command Namespaces and Controllers.

Both methods are explained in detail in the Getting Started Guide.

Building Minicli


Minicli has evolved a lot since that series was initially written, but that was the base for what Minicli is today.

The following tutorials on compose a series named "Building Minicli", where we created the first version of minicli from scratch:

Created with Minicli

  • Dolphin - a CLI tool for managing DigitalOcean servers with Ansible.