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Working with Output

The OutputHandler service has a series of methods to enable advanced output features, such as printing with colors, printing with pre-defined styles, and outputting content to a file instead of the default output.

This service is available at the application container as printer, also accessible via the helper method getPrinter on controllers:

    public function handle()
        $this->getPrinter()->display("Hello World!");

This will print a "Hello World!" message wrapped in new lines, using default settings.

Printing with Pre-defined Styles

The following shortcut methods are available via the OutputHandler class:

  • display($message, $alt = false) - Uses the default style. If alt is set to true, it will use the alt style.
  • info($message, $alt = false) - Uses the info style. If alt is set to true, it will use the info_alt style.
  • error($message, $alt = false) - Uses the error style. If alt is set to true, it will use the error_alt style.
  • success($message, $alt = false) - Uses the success style. If alt is set to true, it will use the success_alt style.

Example of output produced by these methods:

Screenshot output test

Other Print Methods

  • out($message, $style = null) - Outputs a message and optionally sets a style. This won't include newlines.
  • rawOutput($message) - Outputs a message without newlines or formatting.
  • newline() - Prints a newline / line break.
  • printTable(array $table) - Helper method that uses the TableHelper to format and print a table.

Extended Styles

The DefaultTheme theme contains additional styles that can be used directly with the out method:

  • bold
  • italic
  • dim
  • underline
  • inverted

Screenshot of extended styles output

Usage example:

    public function handle()
        $this->getPrinter()->out("Hello World!", 'underline');

The same usage applies for creating custom styles within a Custom Theme.


Remember that the out method doesn't wrap the content with newlines, so you'll have to use the newline() method to manually include your line breaks.